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Vagrant box for Archlinux 64 bit

I have been using Vagrant a lot since its beginning, and the boxes provided by them have been enough till now.

But, I wanted an up to date box with Archlinux, and I could not find one online. So, I decided to build and release one myself.

It turned out to be surprisingly easy. I followed the steps given in this page, and had a working box very soon.

I have released the box, and I am planning to update it every few months.

For now, I have not included any provisioning stuff in the box, but might do so later if I need it.

Maybe I’ll write a script to generate the box itself.

The box can be downloaded from this link: http://vagrant.srijn.net, or using the following commands:

$ vagrant box add arch64 http://vagrant.srijn.net/archlinux-x64-2013-08-17.box
$ vagrant init arch64
$ vagrant up