About Me


I'm Srijan Choudhary.

I've been developing software for more than 10 years. I've worked with several languages across the years, but mostly use Python and Erlang these days, using Emacs.

I'm interested in functional programming, network programming, distributed systems, (all forms of) artificial intelligence, and software infrastructure.

I'm part of the founding team at GreyOrange, and currently working as a Principal Architect there.

In my free time, I enjoy playing with technology, listening to music, playing guitar, and reading stuff online / offline.

I write here when I have something to share - a personal project, some difficult problem I solved recently, or just an idea.


If you've got a question about something I wrote or some code I posted, leave a comment on the post or on GitHub. You can also mail me at srijan4@gmail.com, contact me on LinkedIn, or reach out to me on Twitter.

Open Source Projects

  1. ruby-dmtx: Libdmtx wrapper gem for ruby
  2. telegraf-execd-pg-custom: Custom telegraf plugin for running SQL queries on PostgreSQL
  3. rebar3_dialyzer_html: Rebar3 plugin to generate an HTML report from dialyzer output (Erlang)

There were a few older projects as well, but they've mostly fallen to disrepair because they targeted systems which are not used anymore.


These are related to my work in the robotics and warehouse automation domain.

  1. Method of managing resources in a warehouse, US20190266552A1
  2. Method and system for facilitating operations in storage facilities, US20210037106A1
  3. Apparatus and method for navigation path compensation, US20180329426A1
  4. Apparatus and method for handling goods, US20180039282A1
  5. Article collation system and method thereof, US20170243158A1