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Erlang is a general-purpose, concurrent, functional programming language, and a garbage-collected runtime system. I've been using Erlang since 2012, and this page lists my posts tagged with #erlang.

Erlang: Dialyzer HTML Reports using rebar3

How I made a custom rebar3 plugin to generate HTML reports for dialyzer warnings

Erlang: find cross-app calls using xref

Using xref magic to query Erlang code and find cross-application function calls

Erlang: find cross-app calls using xref

Clean boot in erlang relx release

We use relx to release out erlang applications, and faced a problem: Our application was crashing at bootup, and therefore we were not able to even open a remote shell on which we can run any correction functions. One way to solve this (which we've been using till now) is

Basic implementation of A* in Erlang

Recently I had to write some path finding algorithms in Erlang. The first version I chose was A*. But, there is no easy way to implent A* in a distributed way. So, this is the simplest implementation possible. I may rewrite it later if I find a better way. This

Erlang Profiling Tips

I have been using erlang recently for some of my work and private projects, and so I have decided to write about a few things there were hard to discover. Profiling is an essential part of programming in erlang. Erlang's efficiency guide [