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Exploring conflicting oneshot services in systemd

Exploring ways to make two systemd services using a shared resource work with each other

Exploring conflicting oneshot services in systemd

Graphical password prompt for disk decryption on ArchLinux

In my last post, I described how I enabled encryption on my Linux root partition. However, during boot up, it asked the password using a plain text prompt. I was not satisfied with the design and found that there's a better way: Plymouth. Plymouth is a package that provides a

Encrypting an existing Linux system's root partition

Encrypt an unencrypted root partition on an Arch Linux system

Read only root on Linux

In many cases, it is required to run a system in such a way that it is tolerant of uncontrolled power losses, resets, etc. After such an event occurs, it should atleast be able to boot up and connect to the network so that some action can be taken remotely.